Magnolia River Manufacturing Corporation has made great efforts since the company’s founding in 1991 to be conscious of our environmental practices and our effect on the world around us. The owner of our company, James Emmett, has a degree from the University of Colorado in Environmental Biology and he worked for the Smithsonian Institute on their research vessel for several years before founding the company. Our company has been built on a simple idea, do the right thing. This extends to our employees, our customers our families, and our community. We make every effort to do the right thing for the environment around us.

In the manufacturing process of our high-quality grocery store shelving and signage products, we are always mindful of waste. All metal and wood products are cut using nesting based software which maximizes every sheet of wood and steel used. This significantly reduces waste and material going to the landfill. All excess steel from our process is recycled, completely eliminating waste in our steel manufacturing.

Most of the wood material used in the manufacture of our products; plywood and hardwoods, comes from FSC certified mills. Our lumber suppliers are highly motivated to use the best forestry practices, not only because it is the right thing to do for the environment, but it is also the best way to sustain a profitable industry. A portion of our lumber also comes from our farm and surrounding areas in Magnolia Springs Alabama. Magnolia River Manufacturing reclaims and mills timber that has been damaged or knocked down by tropical storms and hurricanes. We air dry this timber for one year per inch of thickness and use it when possible in our manufacturing process.

We are using a new and very exciting material in many of our products, Blue Stain Lodge pole Pine. This beautiful wood is harvested in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming from trees killed by Mountain Pine Beetle. The wood is structurally sound; Pine Beetle damage is removed in the initial milling. This is the ultimate in Green material. The use of Blue stain Lodge pole pine helps to prevent the spread of the beetle, reduces the need for burning of the trees, reduces risk of forest fire, uses a previously wasted resource, and is a big win for our environment. In Colorado, the Governor has signed a law declaring products certified to be manufactured with this material to be free from state sales tax.

Most importantly we build things to last and stand the test of time in the harsh grocery store environment. Our fixtures are designed and built to last a minimum of 7 years and beyond. They are not the type of fixture that end up behind the store and eventually in the dumpster after a year of use.

We take great pride in our Do the right thing outlook on the world and will continue to strive to maintain and continually improve our efforts to protect the world around us. Thank you for your friendship and business over so many years.

Magnolia River Manufacturing has been built on one simple ideal;
Do The Right Thing.
This extends to our employees our families our customers and our community.